Of course, we appreciate any donation , even over small amounts.
Please use for your transfer the following account:

Please use following account details :
account owner:           LOTUS-Kinderheim e. V.
IBAN:                           DE30 870 700 240 0959833 00

Please enter a purpose " donation" and your complete address so that the donation receipt can be sent.

If your full address is available from previous donations or if you sent it with the transfer, we will send you from an amount of 10 € a donation receipt for the entire year at the beginning of the following year. However, if you want the donation receipt immediately after your payment , please let us know.

For collecting donations no receipt for the total amount is possible for tax purposes. When we receive a list of participants with their address and amount of donation , we will send donation receipts for each donator.

For reasons of expense, we only issue donation receipts for an amount of 10 € or more.

In order to save transfer costs , not each donation is  passed to the account of the children's home. Only after the emergence of a higher amount, the matter is referred to the children's home. It is the fact that the addition to the Indian account of the orphanage donations may only be used if a written certification of the donor on the use exists. We create this certificate at the same time we transfer to the children's home. According to the Articles of Association of our association, we indicate as purpose " Best possible education and training".