LOTUS-Kinderheim e.V. – Friends of LOTUS- children's home in Salem/Indien

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LOTUS-Kinderheim e. V.
Förderverein für das LOTUS-Kinderheim in Salem/ Indien
Nordplatz 1
09228 Chemnitz

Articles of Association

§1 - Purpose
The association has the purpose to promote the work of LOTUS-children's home in Salem/India. The statute purpose is realised in particular by personnel, material as well as idealistic support of LOTUS-children's home with the goal to make possible an optimum education and training for the children and young people cared for by the LOTUS-children's home. Beyond that on resolution of the meeting of the members concrete projects of the LOTUS-children's home in Salem/India are supported. The association is committed to the public interest. It is non-partisan and world-descriptive not bound. The association pursued exclusive and directly non-profit and charitable purposes in the sense of the section "Tax-privileged purposes" of the Tax Code. The association is generous active; it does not pursue primarily self-economical purposes. The association is to be registered into the register of associations of the district court Chemnitz - Registergericht -.

§ 2 - Name
The association bears the name „LOTUS-Kinderheim e.V. – Förderverein für das LOTUS-Kinderheim in Salem/Indien“.

§ 3 - Domicile
The domicile of the association is Chemnitz. The sphere of activity extends beyond that on all of Germany and the LOTUS-children's home in Salem/India.

§ 4 - Membership
Regular member of the association can be each natural or legal entity. The membership is to be requested in writing. The association can appoint honour members with their agreement. The membership is not transferable and not inheritable. The membership begins with the confirmation by the board and/or the appointment and ends with the written notice of resignation, the exclusion or the death of the member. The members are obligated to promote the interests of the association and to pay regularly membership dues. If membership dues are not carried out two years one behind the other unfoundedly, the membership ends automatically. About a exclusion the meeting of the members decides with three-quarter of the present members.

§ 5 - Meeting of the members
The meeting of the members is the highest organ of the association. The meeting of the members is to be called up by the board with denomination of the agenda at least once a year. The meeting of the members orders and relieves the board and the finance committee. The meeting of the members decides on all affairs, to which other organs of the association are not authorized. In addition a meeting of the members is to be called up, if 1/3 of the members with indication of the purpose and the reasons require this in writing. The invitation for meeting of the members is conducted in writing via the board at least 10 days in advance.

§ 6 - Resolutions
The resolutions of the association are seized with simple majority (except § 4 and 11). They are to be drawn up in writing. Recording takes place via signature from 2 members of the board, and if it in the meeting of the members seized of two further no committee belonging association members.

§ 7 - Board
The association orders an board. This represents the association judicially and out of court by one member of the board. The board covers at least a 1st chairman, a 2nd chairman and a treasurer. The board is ordered for two years. The work is honorary. It may be favoured no person by expenditures, which are not according to the purpose of the association, or by disproportionately high remuneration. The rules of procedure regulate further tasks. The order and recall of the board or the individual members takes place via the meeting of the members with simple majority of the present members.

§ 8 - Rules of Procedure
The board compiles the rules of procedure, which are to be confirmed with simple majority of the present members of a meeting of the members. These rules of procedure are not part of the articles of association. The financial year is the calendar year.

§ 9 - Dues
Each member pays an annual contribution, which becomes due the end of the 1st quarter. The height of the contribution is specified in the meeting of the members. The membership of honour members and youngsters is non-contributory.

§ 10 - Fortune
The fortune of the association is to be administrated according to the principles of the prudent businessman. It serves for the work of the association and covering of the functions of the administration. Means of the association may be used only for the statutory purposes. The members do not receive allowances from means of the association. For the work with finances the board is responsible. Two cash examiners are ordered by the meeting of the members.

§ 11 - Amendments to the articles of association, Liquidation
If the articles of association are to be changed or the association to be liquidate, the meeting of the members with the voices of 3/4 of the published members decides In the case of dissolution of the association or with omission of its past purpose the fortune of the association falls to that German committee for UNICEF e.V., Höninger Weg 104, 50696 Köln, which has to use it for non-profit purposes directly and exclusively. Is to be decided over the use of the fortune with liquidation differently, this resolution may be implemented only after consent of the tax office.

§ 12 - Other regulations
As far as in the articles of association is not differently determined, the regulations of the civil law book are valid in its in each case valid version..

Chemnitz, 2011-12-06

Important remark: Only the German text is approved by the tax office and meeting of members