L O T U S - Home

L overs
O f
T ruth,
U nity &
S ervice

is a home for destitute & orphans.

Registered under the
Tamil nadu Societies Registration Act 1975,
Reg. No: 152/97,

located in

855, Rohini Gardens,
Periya Pudur,

Web: http://lotusorphanage.wordpress.com
phone: +919600416555
E-mail: lotus.salem@gmail.com

Cildren during the meal

An ex-Schoenstatt sister of Mary, who was not able to continue her service as a nun due to deterioration in health, runs the home. However, this did not affect her enthusiasm in serving God by helping the poor and those in need. Her great dedication led to opening LOTUS.
The founder and establisher is A.S.CELINE AUGUSTINE MARY
- The first home opened on 8.8.1994
History of hostels:
- 1994 - 1997 Krishnagiri
- 1997 Salem [ Newfairlands, Radiyur, Vincent, MDS nagar, Kattoor, Manakadu, Chinagolapatti and now in Periyapudur]
- 8.9.1998 the establishment in Alagapuram Periyapudur:
- 26.02.1999 LOTUS Home built and inaugurated
(Inaugurated by Honorable.Justice. Jagadheesan and special message delivered by Mayor Dr.G.Soodamani, Salem Corporation)

At present, intimates of the home (status 01/2012):
Pre-school children: 6
School children: inmates 39
Destitute ladies: 5
College students: inmates 7 and hostellers 25 - total 32

Totally, LOTUS Home takes care for 82 children; students and destitute ladies.

The founder and establisher of this home-LOTUS, Celine Augustine Mary basically hails from B.Pallipatti of Dharmapuri district. Right from her childhood, she had the urge to serve God through the poor and needy destitute; she was always there to comfort those who were in despair and struggle to paddle the rhythm of life. Therefore, she joined as nun belonging to Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary. As said earlier, due to deterioration in her health she was not able to continue her service in that way. However, her devotion and strong determination in her service made her to dedicate herself to the under privileged. This made her to start this home. She started the home amidst of various problems but keeps going on in the way showed by God.
When the home was started, she was not employed but later she got a government job as secondary grade teacher. This earning alone was not sufficient for running this home; she hopes it is God the Father, who helps her in running the home, with help of her parents, benefactors and volunteers.

So far, this is a short self-description prepared by the LOTUS Home.
Here are some additional comments how I experience the LOTUS Home as a German:

The LOTUS Home persecute three main objectives:

1st Objective

LOTUS-Home gives home, family, in addition education and training for children, who why also always, must grow without parents.
Smaller children live in LOTUS Home from time to time; but because they have to be self-reliant by carrying about each other they should be at least 3 years old.
If I lived and played with these children one first day in April 2008,
I was deeply fascinated; touched but appalled too with how much simpleness and happiness; with how much effort; harmony and carrying about each other the children lives together.
Beside some women, who help when cooking, Celine, who has a full-time position as a teacher in a school, the whole house leads sister alone! This means 80% of the homework; which “Hotel Mama” takes care in Germany the children in LOTUS Home have to do themselves.

2nd Objective:

LOTUS Home helps young people to reach the highest possible level of education and training.
26 supported children live in residential schools to visit colleges or universities. This should be the biggest part of the costs for LOTUS Home.
But education is for these young people the only way, in order to leave the life in poverty and misery.
Same time the children get support and training in LOTUS home in order to maintain ground in the life.
What does it mean, one can only understand if one knows the background of the Indian society, where it is today yet nearly impossible, from circumstances which one was born to ascend into better.

3rd Objective:

LOTUS Home gives destitute and single ladies a home and future.
What does it mean to live as a single lady; because what ever reasons without husband and family I can’t explain with some words.
One must be occupied with the traditional, but evenly still pervasive role of the woman, the marriage and the family in India, in order to suspect the for us inconceivable.
Only one fact from the history: If the husband died before his wife, the wife was burned with him….

Gregor Muche

Here a Powerpoint-presentation as PDF-file, prepared by Sister Celine.